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You’ve probably seen that there are a number of toothbrushes you could buy. However, would you be surprised to hear that there are some things you could do if you’re hoping to take care of your toothbrush properly? For example, you should remember that you shouldn’t share your toothbrush with anyone, even your family or your significant other.

It’s also important that purchase a new toothbrush at least every three months. This is mainly because your toothbrush could actually harbor bad bacteria. Furthermore, not everyone has the same bacteria in their mouth, meaning different brushes can harbor bacteria. Sadly, if you share your brush with someone else, or borrow another brush, you’ll be more likely to develop issues such as gum disease.

Finally, have you heard that several people bleed when they brush their pearly whites? In fact, your toothbrush could actually contain blood. While this might not seem too serious, it might leave you more susceptible to blood-borne disease like herpes and hepatitis.

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