As part of our commitment to your comfort, Barras Family Dentistry provides several types of dental anesthesia to help relieve pain and discomfort during dental treatments. We welcome you to contact our office at (337) 443-4912 for more information about dental anesthesia in Lafayette, Louisiana, and to set up your next appointment with one of our experienced dentists.

High-Strength Numbing Gel

Our dental professionals use a high-strength topical gel to numb gums prior to injections, eliminating the initial pinch from the needle.

Local Anesthetic

Local anesthetics are medications that numb your mouth for a period of time, allowing you to receive the treatments you need without discomfort or pain. Local anesthetic does not affect your cognitive abilities, so you will be alert during your procedure, and the effects will wear off within a few hours. Local anesthetics are generally administered through an injection, after our dentists have applied a numbing gel to deaden the area where the needle will deliver the medication. Until the anesthetic wears off, your mouth may feel swollen and you may experience difficulty in speaking. We recommend that you avoid chewing or eating until the numbness of the anesthetic wears off.

Warmed Anesthetic

Our practice has invested in technology that heats our anesthetic to body temperature. This removes the cold feeling frequently experienced during injection and reduces the discomfort of the initial entry of the anesthetic into your body, providing you with greater comfort right from the beginning of your treatment.


DentalVibe® is an advanced device used to relieve pain during the injection of anesthetics. This technology sends vibrations deep into your gum tissue during an injection. These vibrations reach the brain quicker than pain signals from the injection needle, blocking pain from being felt.

Please give us a call to learn more about our dental anesthesia and other options for pain relief, and to schedule your appointment with Dr. Barras and Dr. Barras.