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Developing a cracked tooth is never ideal, but it can be particularly unhealthy if the resulting injury is so severe that it results in tooth extraction in order to maintain your oral health. Following the extraction of a badly cracked tooth, you can receive tooth restoration such as a dental bridge to have a function and healthy smile.

A dental bridge is a single structure that uses custom design to mimic natural appearance and function of a tooth. Our dentist may determine that you would benefit from a custom-made dental bridge in order to fill a tooth gap and restore your smile to full function after tooth extraction. This dental restoration is anchor to the dental arch by being fused to dental crowns on either side that attach to dental abutments.

These abutments are formed from healthy teeth on each side by removing the tooth enamel and leaving behind a post-shaped formation. Then, we use the abutments and surrounding relevant teeth to create a detailed impression that technicians at our dental lab use to custom design the dental bridge appliance so that it matches your smile.

During the process of the bridge creation, we can cover the abutments with plastic temporary crowns so that bacteria can’t affect the vulnerable structure. When your new dental bridge is ready for you, we will schedule a follow-up appointment to remove the crowns and cement the bridge in place to achieve a new, long-lasting smile.

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