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Your child’s oral health is closely linked to the foods in their diet, and what they eat can be either very beneficial to their smile or put their teeth and gums at risk of damage. To help your child have effective oral health, we offer some insight into the types of food that can harm or help their smile.

It’s important to reduce your child’s intake of sugary foods and drinks because the sugar can transform into a harmful oral acid that weakens their teeth and can cause them to suffer gum disease and cavities. Similarly, foods that are starchy can stick to the teeth and create tooth hazards by increasing the exposure to tooth decay. A diet full of acidic food can weaken and break down the tooth enamel, leaving the teeth vulnerable.

Because children have so many unhealthy sweets and snacks to choose from, avoiding troublesome foods can be very difficult. To counteract the risk of tooth damage from unhealthy food, it’s very important for your child to regularly brush and floss their teeth and receive dental checkups every six months from our dentist and team.

Our team at Barras Family Dentistry recommends that your child eat a goodly amount of healthy food good for teeth every day. This means lots of water, fruit, vegetables, lean protein and whole grains. Some fruits contain fluoride, which is good for teeth, and foods that contain protein also contain the tooth nourisher phosphate. Cheese, milk, yogurt and other sources of dairy strengthen the teeth by providing calcium.

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