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From a young age, we are all taught the importance of brushing and flossing in order to help prevent a cavity from forming. Every day, you brush and you floss. Despite your best efforts to prevent them from happening, you can sometimes still get a cavity. Thankfully, Drs. Barras, Barras, and Fontenot have several ways to help after a cavity has formed.

The easiest treatment for a cavity is to have a dental filling. During this treatment, our dentists will clean out the cavity and then fill it back in with a special resin that will bond with your tooth to provide strength. Most of the time a filling is enough, but sometimes other treatments are necessary.

If the cavity is too big for a filling to be successful, a partial crown might be the best option. A crown is also called an inlay or onlay, depending on how the crown is installed. A partial crown will fill the cavity and provide strength to the tooth.

If the majority of the tooth has suffered decay due to the cavity, a dental crown will be necessary for repair. During this treatment, Dr. Barras, Barras, and Fontenot will remove the majority of the tooth’s enamel. A special crown is created in a dental lab that will then be used to replace the removed enamel that will last for years to come.

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