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You are probably aware that there are many conditions that might make you uncomfortable. For instance, you might understand that cavities or a chipped tooth could cause pain and sensitive teeth. You may also know that an injured root canal can be unpleasant, but had you heard that an abscess tooth could be painful if you don’t treat it?

An abscess is actually a collection of pus that might appear if you have a chipped or a cracked tooth. If you have these problems, bacteria may reach the inner part of your tooth, which could ultimately cause an abscess. If bacteria reaches the center of a tooth, our dentist may be able to save it with root canal therapy and we may also be able to help you deal with an abscess. If you’re worried that you are suffering from an abscess, we suggest contacting us at your earliest convenience. This is important because an untreated abscess might cause severe dental issues.

Luckily, there are quite a few symptoms you may want to watch for, such as swollen and red gums. You may also have an abscess if you have pain when you chew. A fever or an unusual taste in your mouth are other symptoms you should watch for. There are also many things you could do to prevent abscesses. Flossing and brushing your pearly whites will also help you prevent cavities, which will make you less likely to have a tooth abscess. We also suggest scheduling an appointment as soon as possible if you chip or damage one of your pearly whites.

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